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We are Growth Hackers and Digital Experts who will help unlock your business’ growth potential. Fast, Agile and Lean

Grow Faster Than Your Competition

  • Outperform disruption in your industry
  • Make growth decisions based on solid data analysis only
  • Optimize your sales funnel through sprint based growth experiments
  • Train and build your own growth team

“What is that secret “sauce” that makes some companies grow so fast, often in very competitive industries? In many cases, they have become successful with the advent of Growth Hacking, a methodology developed by successful companies to drive fast and sustainable growth. Away with the traditional long term marketing plans and static organisations and change towards a more agile, cross-functional growth organisation.

We can help you accelerate the growth potential of your company. We educate your people, help you implement the growth hacking process and drive long-term sustainable growth. “

Unlock the real growth potential of your company

Growth Training

  • Develop Growth Hacking Skills
  • Build your own Growth Hacking Team
  • Tools and Succesful hacks

Now you can learn how to become a Pro at realizing growth for your business. We help you develop the right skills and build your own growth toolkit. We train your people through workshops, bootcamps and in-company worksessions.


Growth Hacking

  • Analytics Scan and Footprint
  • Scrum, Agile & Sprint Experiments
  • Data & Datascience

We help find channels which will deliver real growth. How? Growth Hacking. Sprint based growth initaitives which will unlock the growth potential you are always looking for. We analyze, implement and help you find the growth hacks your competition never did. How well do your digital properties perform to convert and help grow your business? That’s what we will help you find out and build a solid digital strategy around.

Growth Drive

  • Performance Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Scaling Up

Our bread and butter. We rigorously optimise all your existing and future digital channels which help drive sustainable growth for your business. We automate your marketing process so you don’t have to worry about following up on leads. We want you to get the highest ROI for your digital marketing buck and enable your business to scale up.

The Revelx Growth Hacking Process

  • Digital Footprint analysis. We start by establishing where you are digitally. With our Digitial Footprint methodology we establish a 0-measurement. We determine the fundamental growth equation explaining the core growth drivers in your organization. Here we determine your product/market fit and MvP status.
  • Set Up. Understanding of the commercial strategy is crucial. Strategy translation to set multiple short-term growth objectives. Based on this understanding we set up the growth hacking process and relevant tools.
  • Ideate. A brainstorm process to define the growth objectives. Development of ideas and experiements, all stored in the idea catalogue.
  • Prioritize. Using the ICE methodology we define the course in the catalogue. ICE stands for Impact + Confidence + Ease.
  • Experiment. Design of sprint based growth experiments. Run experiments and conduct growth hack activities.
  • Learn. Review of all sprint based experiments. Define new experiements based on lessons and results. Implement the learnings into the organisation further to reach more results.
  • Drive. Take your growth to the next level through performance optimization of all digital channels that will deliver scale.

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