Building profitable businesses.
We accelerate the growth of scale-ups by investing money, brains and sweat.
Entrepreneurial and with a long term commitment.

Our Invest service portfolio consists of 3 building blocks.


Money fuels growth, yet it is only one part of the engine. We take minority stakes in scale-ups where we can make a difference with our network and know-how. If needed we arrange additional financing within our network of VCs, angels and corporate ventures.


Scale-ups get access to the collective know-how of our team. We activate our international network. We challenge and advise in go-to-market strategies and business model improvement. We design and implement smart growth hacks.


We become part of the scale-ups we invest in. On a continuous basis. We professionalize the team and make them ready for growth. We act as mentors, coaches and managers. We challenge and accelerate the growth process of the company and provide hands-on support.

What characterizes our approach

Steepening the growth curve of scale-ups

Building profitable businesses. We help scale-ups analyze market potential, improve their business model and find new ways to accelerate growth. We identify low-hanging fruit and enable them to realize results fast.

Build. Measure. Learn. Repeat. We support scale-ups to implement a solid structure for experimentation and commercial growth initiatives. We challenge assumptions and targets. We coach the team to realize and manage growth.

Surprising connections

We always look to create opportunities and realize synnergies between startups, scale-ups, large corporates and public organizations. We blend disciplines, skills and create surprising connections.

We are closely involved in the startup community. We play an active role in accelerator programs such as Startupbootcamp, NextOEM, Startup Weekend and Rockstart.

Scale Hack Event 2016


Looking for money, brains and sweat to scale your business?