Digital Growth Strategy

BDR Thermea and RevelX partnered to develop an international Digital growth strategy focusing on digital marketing and the development of new propositions.


BDR Thermea is a world leading manufacturer and distributor of sustainable smart climate and sanitary hot water solutions and services. BDR Thermea operates in more than 70 countries worldwide.


The market for heating, ventilation and AC systems is changing rapidly. The digital revolution is a key driver for this. New digital products and services transform traditional heating into a high involvement issue. BDR Thermea needs to reinforce its market leading position by accelerating its digital development.


In partnership, BDR Thermea and RevelX designed a program to accelerate the development of new digital products and services (value propositions) and engage with suppliers, installers and consumers through a digitized customer journey. The focus of the program lies on development of digital skills and an agile process to transform business ideas into new products and services.


We raised the digital quotient of the marketing and product teams of seven BDR Thermea brands in seven countries. New digital services are developed on a continuous basis. Pilots and MVPs of new digital products and services are rolled out in each of the seven participating country organizations. Digital is now a key pillar of BDR Thermea’s success in the market.

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