Group Innovation & New Product Development Strategy

BDR Thermea and RevelX partnered to develop a result oriented innovation strategy.


BDR Thermea is a world leading manufacturer and distributor of sustainable smart climate and sanitary hot water solutions and services. BDR Thermea operates in more than 70 countries worldwide.


The international market for heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems is changing rapidly. Innovative new solutions are introduced by disruptive, new players. For BDR Thermea, innovation is a key source for growth. Now, more than ever, successful innovation is a key competitive factor.


In close cooperation with representatives from the BDR Thermea operating companies, RevelX designed and managed an ambitious program to improve innovation capabilities and execution. The core of this program consisted of three elements: bringing in the voice of the customer in the product development process, shortening the time to market and lowering the cost price.


The program was implemented in the entire BDR Thermea organization involving over 600 people involved in the product innovation process in 8 countries. The program enables BDR Thermea to reinforce its top-5 position in the market and accelerate growth with an effective and efficient innovation process.

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