Performance Management and Innovation

TNO and RevelX partnered to improve business results and the innovation process by implementing Performance Management.


TNO is an internationally renowned research organization. Approximately 3,000 specialists work on innovations that sustainably boost the competitiveness of industry and the welfare of society.


TNO’s market is becoming increasingly competitive and public funding is under pressure. TNO’s challenge is to invest heavily in innovations while operational excellence is also of key importance. When it took office in 2014 the new Board of Directors has formulated this combination as one of its important goals.


In collaboration with a large number of people from TNO we defined the improvement potential. We also designed the necessary transition. Core of the approach is the on-the-job performance coaching of managers. With a focus on the commercial and operational management. Meanwhile, more than half of the TNO managers supported and embraced the new approach.


The program has created transparency in performance, greater involvement and a tighter ‘battle rhythm’. Also, more than 20 TNO professionals were trained as performance coach. TNO has laid a solid foundation for healthy, agile operations while creating more space for its core: “innovation with impact”.

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