“We started RevelX in 2014 with a mission to make growth happen. That might sound non-distinctive, but very few competitors do this. A growth strategy is only the starting point. We don’t stop there. We realize growth!”


Growth specialists

Discovering and exploiting opportunities for growth. That is our playing field. We bring disruptive creativity, rigorous analysis and disciplined execution. We supply strategic thinking and execution power. That is how we realize growth for corporates.

Our team consists of growth entrepreneurs. A collection of curious minds and diverse personalities. We are proud to serve our clients with a team of over 20 highly skilled and passionate growth professionals. Together we combine over 200 years of experience in consulting and management.

Growth partners

We want to be a true partner for our clients. Together we commit ourselves to ambitious targets and drive results. With our corporate clients we initiate new alliances for new propositions. We find, buy or build opportunities. We create entrepreneurial teams and deliver execution power to accelerate growth. Our approach harnesses innovation in your teams. With long term commitment.

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