For years, scheduling Instagram posts was not possible. Fortunately, Instagram has updated its API, so now you can use the photo-sharing service to its fullest. Below is a review of 7 scheduling posts.

Last January, Instagram made a change to its product that was long overdue. Now professional users can schedule posts. In the past, there were some workarounds, like tools that sent notifications to remind you to send out a post, but the new update makes the process frictionless.

Why Scheduling Instagram Posts?

RevelX’s social media team have waited a long time for this change, as did many professional Instagram users. This is why:

  • Professional Instagram users want to post 24/7, but they need sleep too. So, scheduling is needed.
  • Businesses using Instagram usually have a team of social media specialists who use several accounts or services. The updated API helps them streamline their processes.
  • Professional users want to send out large volumes of posts. This is only possible if the work can be done in bulk.

All these factors contribute to your social media goals: more engagement with customers in less time.

7 Tools that Offer Direct Scheduling to Instagram

The new features of the Instagram API will only benefit professional users. The reason being that the Instagram API works in accordance with third-party software which only professional organizations can afford. Below I review the best of these solutions including their advantages and disadvantages:

HootSuite is more than a social media scheduling tool. It will help you with monitoring your competition and analyze your campaigns too. It might be top-heavy if you only want to schedule posts. Paid plans start at € 19 per month.

Falcon allows for scheduling of all major social networks. User roles and approval flows ensure all your content goes out looking like it should. You can assign tasks to team members too. This tool is only for power users. Price on request.

Sprout Social is a scheduling tool that gives access to rich analytics. For example, you can monitor hashtags and locations and respond to comments. Not everyone will need these rich features though. Users report the tool has some glitches. Paid plans start at € 99 per month.

Tailwind’s drag-and-drop functionality makes this tool easy to use. As a downside, it only works with Pinterest and Instagram so you will need another tool for your Twitter and Facebook feeds. Paid plans start at € 9.99 per month.

Iconosquare is a tool for Instagram diehards. It measures follower growth, location, unfollows, and much more. If Instagram is not your core business, I don’t recommend this tool. Paid plans start at € 29 per month.

Schedugram automatically converts your uploaded images and videos into the right size and format for Instagram. You can pre-schedule tagged users, locations, and more in your posts. But, it does have too many features if you are not a power user. Paid plans start at € 16 per month.

Buffer is the tool we use at RevelX to schedule our social media posts because it is easy to use and has a clear design. Some users may find it annoying that Buffer doesn’t allow you to repost the same message several times within a short time span. Free and paid plans.

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