We partner with you to accelerate the growth of proven propositions and businesses through execution power and dedicated focus.

Acceleration Planning

Are you wondering what your first steps should be to scale your product or idea? We will help you develop growth scale teams, milestone roadmaps and define all the requirements for accelerated growth.

New Venture Building

Are you interested to start a partnership to accel but don’t know how to select the right partner? We can help building new products, services and ventures, facilitate make-or-buy decisions and developing partnerships & join-ventures.

Program Design & Execution

Do you want to make sure that your new product or idea is there for the long run and there is execution power behind it? Let us show you how to best design and manage innovation and digital programs, while delivering hands-on execution power.

Corporate Growth Accelerator

You want to make this a success within your company but how do you make sure the right people are on board? We design and facilitate 3-6 month accelerator programs in which corporate teams develop MVPs and find product-market fit.

Do you want to grow exponentially using the latest techniques? We will update you on the latest developments and tools while implementing growth hacking in your company.

Funding & Investment Services

Do you need funding but you are wondering what is the right place to get it? We’re engaging in growth investments, consortia building, startup scouting and providing commercial due diligence services.

Is this something for you?

This is something for you if you already have established a growth strategy with initial results. You have your growth teams in place, your tooling set up and run regular experiments either on your existing business or new MVP’s. You see how digitization and innovation have benefit to your business and you are ready to take it to the next level. You want to scale up and might be looking for partnerships or investors to make a difference.

We will make sure you have the proper growth scale teams in place and show you how to make the most of the momentum you have created. Scaling up takes preparation and planning, especially if you are looking for new partnerships or investors. At RevelX we do not just stand by the sidelines, but we will go through the preparations together. We will make sure you are set for years to come, scaling up and growing your business.

You will know exactly how to take growth hacking to the next level and might even disrupt your market along the way. Together we will make sure your company is ready for the future.


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