Why we do it

Growing and innovating organisations are everyone’s favourite! 

They breed and radiate positivism, add most value to their stakeholders and have the power to contribute to society. And especially in times of disruption and uncertainty.


Todays’ winners didn’t consider growth and innovation as ‘nice to haves’. Their drive and urgency towards growth made them adaptable to new circumstances, in all shapes and sizes.

In more than 25 years, we have learned that driving growth requires a relevant strategic position, an effective and efficient go-to-market and a high pace of innovation.

It’s our mission to help organisations to realize growth, to become and stay the most relevant organisation they can be, and even beyond that.

What we do

At RevelX we love to use our talents, experience and proven methodologies to help our clients grow, in relevance and results!

We help our clients with

  • design and execution of
  • growth, innovation and go-to-market strategies 

Slides don’t matter, results count. We combine strategy design with strong execution power, delivering real growth.

Our clients ask us:

Help us grow

  • What growth opportunities do we have?
  • Which growth opportunities are most promising?
  • What should our growth strategy be?
  • How to develop a growth roadmap?
  • How to get our board, management and organization onboard?
  • How do we manage and execute our growth strategy?

Help us innovate

  • In what business areas should we innovate?
  • How can we develop digital business and service models?
  • How do we get more innovations to the market and scale successfully?
  • How do we prioritize and manage our portfolio of innovations?
  • How do we develop an innovative mindset in our organisation?
  • How do we organise a high performing innovation process?

Help us approach our markets better

  • How can we improve our value proposition?
  • How can we improve our customer journey?
  • How can we win more customers and increase customer value?
  • How can we improve our customer experience via digitisation?
  • How can we improve our commercial performance?
  • How do we make our go-to-market strategy actually happen?

Our Services


Start Growing


Let's Innovate



For whom we do it

We work closely together with c-level executives and senior management members in mid to large scale B2B and B2C organisations who are committed to realizing growth. 

Our team members have worked with hundreds of companies and organizations to help them double down on their growth ambitions.


How we do it

In our work we combine disruptive creativity, rigorous analysis and disciplined execution. 

We apply methods from design thinking, lean startup, agile working and growth hacking, combined with the power of logical (business) sense, human empathy and social sensitivity.

Who we are

Our team consists of experienced entrepreneurs, managers and consultants. Most of us have been leading and supporting growth programs for over 25 years. 

Our intellectual backgrounds vary from business and social sciences to applied physics & engineering, and everything in between.

The Team