Realizing sustainable growth requires innovation. Every business leader is aware of the importance of innovation. And at least product innovation is often on the corporate agenda. However, generating a truly innovative culture and realizing growth through business model innovation is a different ballgame.



Professionals at RevelX have decades of experience in actually realizing business model innovation. Awareness of the own company’s innovation readiness as well as fundamental insight of tested and proven structure of the innovation process, has often shown to be a wake-up call and start of a successful innovation journey.

Our innovation key-note has been shown to be inspirational and energizing in many different settings, from off-site board meetings to on stage events for large audiences. The key note is typically held in one or two hours, but its content is very suitable for a half-day interactive session or even a day long innovation clinic.


The top line growth keynote directly benefits your organisation

You get inspired and energized with innovation best practices beyond the standard examples.

YYou learn how to structure your corporate ideation and validation process to develop impactful business model innovation concepts.

Get a feel for how to start develop a truly innovative culture to enable sustainable growth.


Inspired mindset and sense of urgency to start building an innovative culture

A practical starting point and shared framework to develop business model innovation in your organisation.

Target Audience

Board, Management team.


2 hours
€2,500(excl. VAT)
  • Number of participants: 5-100


Matthijs Rosman

Your speaker will be Matthijs Rosman, who has decades of experience in boosting growth with strategic innovation and are known for their inspirational style and not afraid to confront when needed.  

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