Improving the top line is the key ingredient for organic growth strategies.

Marketing and sales professionals have the right goal in mind, but the strategy to get there is often not well developed and not aligned between the marketing professionals and sales and account managers.

At RevelX we develop and realize organic growth strategies for B2B and B2C companies. Defining a common strategy and tactics and alignment of the metrics to get there is often a starting point for reenergizing the commercial team.

Our top line growth key-note has been extremely well received over the last decade.

It is fun as well as confrontational for your entire commercial team. It combines neurological, psychological and business insights into a simple but very effective top line growth framework. Many real-life case examples support the framework and will help you develop your commercial funnel.


The top line growth keynote directly benefits your organisation

You get inspired and energized with the best practices with regards to commercial funnel management.

You learn how to structure your marketing and sales funnel and to extract key actions for commercial success.

You create a shared vision and starting point for your entire commercial organisation.


Inspired mindset and new perspective of looking at your commercial funnel.

A practical starting point and shared framework for your marketing and sales team to collectively target the right commercial opportunities in a structured manner.

Target Audience

Commercial teams from C-level to manager level. Marketing, Sales, New business development professionals.


2 hours
€2,500(excl. VAT)
  • Number of participants: 5-100


René Jongen

Your speaker will be René Jongen who has supported over 50 companies to realize over € 1 B in top line growth. René is very energic, humorous and inspirational, while not afraid to confront and tell it like it is. Guaranteed to get the thinking and doing started with your marketing and sales team(s).

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