When you are in a B2B company, selling projects, services or contracts, your revenue largely depends on the conversion of the proposals or quotations your prepare for your clients. Most proposals however are totally focused on listing the offered products and services and their price.

Some proposals do so in a visually attractive way. Most companies are not aware of all the communicative, visual and rhetorical tactics that can be used to gear their proposals towards maximum persuasiveness and conversion. This workshop will change that for your company.


The program of this workshop consists of 6 key elements:

  1. Introduction in human decision taking: 3 parts of the human brain
  2. Key conversion killers and boosters: structure, content and design
  3. Cognitive biases and usage for proposal optimization
  4. Persuasive language and reasoning
  5. Attention grabbing visuals and colors
  6. Examples of best in class proposals

Deliverables & Results

At the end of this workshop your commercial team will have

A reality check on the conversion, persuasiveness and attractiveness of their own proposals

Energy and inspiration to create optimally converting proposals

A bunch of checklists and examples to support their ambition and put learned tactics into reality

A better working relationship between sales and the sales support/proposal/tender desk because of more attractive and better converting proposals

Target Audience

CCO’s, Sales managers, Account managers, Tender managers, Proposal managers, Bid managers, Sales engineers, Proposal engineers, Sales support engineers.


René Jongen

Your host will be René Jongen, who has started as a proposal engineer at Yokogawa (marketing leading supplier of industrial automation solutions) where he has started to study ‘what makes a good proposal’. In the more than two decades since that moment, he had helped over 50 companies to realize more than € 1 Billion in revenue growth, often including proposal optimization. He is fun to work with, inspiring but also not afraid to tell it like it is and to confront when needed.

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