We design winning growth strategies, new business models and (digital) innovation roadmaps to realize ambitious growth goals. Pragmatic and actionable. Our proven methods:

Growth Vision

The starting point of every great innovative growth achievement is to build a shared and compelling vision of the future organization.

Growth Strategy

We translate this vision into a realistic, but also aspiring growth strategy. We use our own Growth Strategy Canvas. Comprehensive and concise. Based on organizational growth capabilities and future growth opportunities.

Growth Roadmap

The Growth Roadmap presents the first concrete growth steps and experiments. We use the 3x3 Growth Tactics to define concrete strategic initiatives to be tested with customers.


Innovation is not an individual exercise. It is the collective achievement of an organization. In order to be successful in innovation, organizations need to have an enabling mindset and way of working. We propagate a new way of working for organizations: a blended approach of design thinking, lean startup and agile. By synthesizing these three approaches to innovative growth, we bring together a deep focus on the customer and rapid experimentation.

Growth Management

Assist in executing your innovation initiatives and programs.
We deliver project and program management and accelerate your innovation portfolio, teams and results.

Growth Lab

Test drive your growth tactics in the Growth Lab. We build joint growth teams which ideate, design, test and launch propositions to find sustainable growth drivers. Minimum Viable Solutions serve to transform hypothesis driven value propositions into actual products or services.

Growth Academy

Develop your innovative growth skills and mindset in the Growth Academy. We revive organizations’ entrepreneurial mindset, develop digital & innovation capabilities and help foster a culture of rapid experimentation.

Growth Engagement

Ensure all levels of your organization are aligned. Prepare your organization for change through one of our tried and tested engagement tactics. We ensure all conditions are met for successful transformation. We run bespoke programs, games and workshops such as our DISRUPTR game and DARE workshop.

More inspirational products and methods can be found in the Growth Warehouse.