Innovation Portfolio

Our Innovation portfolio is based on three building blocks


We discover new opportunities and high impact ventures. We have teams develop their own ‘disruptor’ – the most disruptive concept which would eradicate the business with one swoop. Customer centric, outside in. Independent from the present. We design, test, start and monitor new business concepts. The bedrock of innovation..


We organize for impact. We improve and focus the innovation and portfolio management process to deliver results. Developing dashboards that enable continuous performance monitoring and steering. We start corporate accelerators. We shorten the lead time and make innovation ‘stick’.


We create agile organizations. We strengthen strategic thinking, leadership and change. Our starting point is the entire innovation ecosystem – executives, employees, customer, partners, suppliers and competitors. We forge strategic alliances strengthening innovation. We embed innovation in your DNA.

Innovation from start to end

Effective innovation does not stop at ideation or concept development. That is why we take a holistic view and organize innovation from start to end. In close cooperation with our clients, we develop new propositions and service concepts. Using iterative Lean Startup and Scrum methodologies we accelerate results and minimize initial capex & opex. Structuring implementation and gradually transforming the organization into an agile and innovative business. Sustainable and profitable.

Realigning the business model

Innovation is successful when the organization is open and prepared to act on disruptive developments. Many business models need to be realigned in this day and age. Concepts as scarcity and ownership diminish in importance, as many winning propositions are built on access provision and sharing. Incumbent organizations have to anticipate to these trends. We help to realign and optimize the business model to become ‘fit’ for developing innovative capacity.