DISRUPTR game in 1 minute


There are no safe zones: your business will be disrupted

Ample evidence of disruption can be found in various industries. Incumbent companies loose massive amounts of value due to ignoring disruptive forces entering their industry. Often, companies focus on current business and articulated customer needs. These companies start to react only when the disruptor has gained a strong foothold in the market and by then it is often too late…

Don’t sit and watch an outside force taking your industry into a radically different direction. Act before someone steals the juiciest bits of your business and market.

DISRUPTR – the power to disrupt is in your hands

Disruptors follow a predictive path into your market. Having a clear view on how your industry can be disrupted enables you to fortify your business and prevent it from extinction. Even better: instead of waiting and defending your business you can build your own disruptor. Now is the time for action: submerse your management team in a game of DISRUPTR.

DISRUPTR is a full contact, one to three day (depending on your needs and wishes) management game/workshop on steroids.

  • Engage your team in uncovering where your business is exposed to disruption.
  • Deliver a powerful wakeup call to your organization.
  • Create innovative responses to imminent disruptors and start the fire under disruptive innovation in your company.

RevelX realizes growth through innovation

RevelX realizes growth through innovation

  • RevelX has built DISRUPTR on years of experience in entrepreneurship, strategy consulting, innovation management and startup mentorship.
  • We have deep insight in how to start the fire under your internal disruption process and produce measurable results.
  • We use the latest tools and methodologies to spark the innovative mindset in your organization and help you to disrupt your industry
  • We generate measurable results and realize growth

DISRUPTR is build for impact


Be inspired and discover new ways to innovate

  • Learn about innovative tactics based on appealing examples.
  • Learn about new ways to disrupt your industry.
  • Experience a customer centric, outside in perspective on your business, independent from the present.


Build a threatening disruptor for your company using various proven tools and methodologies

  • Uncover elements of your business model that are exposed to disruption.
  • Create innovative responses to imminent disruptors.
  • Unleash the creative and innovative talents in your team.


Walk away with a plan to disrupt you business

  • Start generating different innovative solutions for the organization.
  • Prioritize the solutions and build the DISRUPTR roadmap.
  • Designing experiments and developing MVPs.

Ready to disrupt your industry?