What is it?

  • A must-do self assessment if you take innovation seriously
  • A rating on almost 50 characteristics of best-in-class innovators
  • It takes just 10-12 minutes to complete

What do you get?

  • A full report with your scores versus our benchmark
  • An overview of your innovation strengths and weaknesses
  • Advice on how to improve your innovation power

Why the Innovation Readiness Benchmark?

84% of the CEO’s sees innovation as a key aspect for growth and 80% believes their current business model might be disrupted. But only 6% of the CEO’s value their own innovation results as above average (McKinsey study). Based on the results of the Innovation Readiness Benchmark we will create an Innovation Benchmark report which will show the best practices in Innovation Management, Innovation Performance and disruption risks of the Dutch market. It will give an insight in the opportunities but also the risks.

What makes a good innovation strategy?

Business innovation means more than just building innovative products. There are other aspects you need to consider if you want to build a truly innovation focused company. For example, your innovation strategy needs to be inline with every part of your business strategy. In the Innovation Readiness Benchmark we have defined key categories and innovation best practices that you have to consider when you want to be a truly innovation driven company. The key categories are Innovation Strategy, Customer Centricity, Organization Agility, Innovation Portfolio Management, Organization of Innovation, Innovation Skills and Competence, Innovation Culture and Leadership, Innovation Performance and Disruption Risks.

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