Strategy without execution is a hallucination

Growth and Innovation Strategies are mission-critical, particularly as the speed of business cycles continues to increase. Most companies understand the importance of strategy but fall short when it comes to execution.

Execute your growth and innovation strategies

In today's fast-paced business landscape, having a solid strategy is no longer enough. To truly thrive, companies must excel at executing their growth and innovation initiatives. RevelX provides a comprehensive suite of services tailored to help you turn your strategic vision into tangible results. From innovation portfolio management and innovation sprints to AI-driven solutions and corporate venturing programs, we offer practical tools and frameworks to accelerate your time-to-market and maximize returns. With our expertise, you can streamline execution, minimize risks, and consistently realize growth through innovation.

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Building strategies

Innovation Portfolio Management

Innovation portfolio management is the art of developing and successfully managing a roadmap of innovation projects that will enable you to deliver your innovation strategy. Effective portfolio management is one of the least well-developed disciplines in realizing growth through innovation. The results of this are over-populated innovation portfolios, long time-to-value, lack of focus, low return of innovation, and high failure rates. The RevelX innovation professionals have developed effective portfolio management practices that help you create alignment between your strategy and your innovation pipeline, balance your innovation efforts of time, optimize the deployment of resources, and shorten the time to market for innovation.

Corporate Venturing (as a service)

Corporate venturing allows large companies to invest in or propel the growth of external startups, accessing new technologies, business models, and talent beyond their core operations. As your trusted partner, we facilitate successful corporate venturing by leveraging our extensive industry knowledge, strategy expertise, and understanding of the latest mega-trends impacting your landscape. RevelX’ scouting proficiency pinpoints ideal innovation partners, accelerators, and M&A targets aligned with your goals. Powered by AI-driven digital processes and benchmark innovation management frameworks derived from research across 500+ companies, we efficiently navigate data to deliver tailored solutions.

Innovation Sprint

The RevelX innovation sprint is an intensive, time-boxed program that helps your team rapidly validate ideas, build prototypes, and gather customer feedback. Through a structured process of ideation, validation, and scale-up planning, innovation sprints enable teams to quickly iterate on concepts, reducing risk and accelerating time-to-market for new products and services. The RevelX has democratized the innovation process with its rich innovation playbooks and formats. Putting them in practice requires proper guidance and support. Partner with us to build the confidence your organization needs to keep innovating.

AI Innovation Sprint

Augmenting innovation sprints with AI as a co-pilot turbocharges the ideation and validation process. Leveraging AI's cognitive capabilities, your teams can swiftly generate novel concepts, analyze vast data sets, and create compelling visualizations. AI-driven customer insights further enhance solution development, ensuring innovations resonate with ‘problems worth solving’. This potent combination of human ingenuity and AI augmentation fast-tracks innovation pipelines. At RevelX we are constantly experimenting with AI tools to accelerate up the innovation process. Learn with us how to apply AI to your innovation process and initiatives.

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RevelX Growth Warehouse

We democratize the practice of realizing growth through innovation by offering access to a wealth of assessments, playbooks, tools, and insights. Dive into our toolbox to kickstart your innovation journey.

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Innovation Portfolio Management Framework

Designing and strengthening your innovation portfolio makes a critical contribution to your overall innovation performance.

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Innovation Portfolio Management Playbook

Succeed in designing your innovation portfolio, managing your funnel, reporting on your innovation portfolio, and making stage-gate decisions.

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AI Innovation Tools

Check out our list of curated AI innovation tools to accelerate your innovation process. Generate, test, and pivot innovation ideas in minutes.

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Customer Cases

Remeha: Implementing the growth accelerators approach to execute on innovation

Together with the management team of Remeha we designed and implemented the concept of Growth Accelerators: a clearly scoped innovation in terms of a new product, a new service, a new business process or even a completely new business model.

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Improvements in Innovation Portfolio Management of RadboudUMC

In close collaboration with RadboudUMC’s management and innovation leads, we critically reviewed the current innovation portfolio and governance as pinpointed key areas for improvement.

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Assessing and accelerating the innovation portfolio of PostNL

PostNL and RevelX partnered to make the innovation process faster and more goal oriented, as well as optimize the innovation portfolio.

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