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Innovation must be a strategic topic for any organization. We partner with you to build and execute winning business strategies, actionable growth strategies, and compelling innovation plays.

Innovation is a strategic growth discipline

Having a well-defined growth and innovation strategy is key to realizing sustainable growth. Our research shows that only half of organizations have a clear understanding of impending disruption in their industry. Equally, half of organizations invest in innovation projects to safeguard their future. On top of that, 60% do not have a well-defined growth and innovation strategy. Short term thinking, lack of vision, and operational focus are the main issues organizations face in their quest in driving growth with innovation.

The experts at RevelX partner with you in translating your corporate strategy into a future-proof growth and innovation strategy. Aligning your innovation strategy with your business strategy helps focus the organization, clarifies objectives, and sets priorities for growth.

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Transform innovation from a nice to have into a must have

Anchoring the innovation strategy in the business and growth strategy transforms innovation from a "nice to have" into a "must have." The RevelX strategic framework encompasses Business, Growth, and Innovation Strategies, essential components for steering an organization towards success. This framework is designed to guide organizations in navigating the complexities of growth and innovation in the modern business landscape.

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Building strategies

Corporate business & growth strategy

Embarking on a journey towards growth starts with having a solid strategic foundation. We help you in defining the direction of your business and what pockets of growth to exploit. The Innovation strategy should answer fundamental questions such as "Where to play?" and "How to win?”.

At RevelX, we have developed a comprehensive Growth Strategy Framework which covers every facet of your growth journey. From identifying market opportunities to setting ambitious growth goals, defining robust growth engines, and ensuring readiness for execution. Our strategic growth methodology is the blueprint for scalable success.

Innovation strategy

For innovation to thrive within your organization, a firm strategic embedding is a necessity. This requires a clear position of innovation in your strategy discussions; hence the need for having an innovation strategy. RevelX builds and revises innovation strategies which leverage your organization’s strengths and prepare your business for the future. Our approach is based on many years of experience and tried and tested best practices.

Our expert approach ensures your innovation strategy is neither too sparse nor overly complex. Sidestep the pitfalls of innovation strategy development and propel your business forward. Discover more and elevate your strategic planning by downloading our exclusive Innovation Strategy Playbook and related Canvas today.

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RevelX Growth Warehouse

We democratize the practice of realizing growth through innovation by offering access to a wealth of assessments, playbooks, tools, and insights. Dive into our toolbox to kickstart your innovation journey.

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The Growth Strategy Canvas

The RevelX Growth Strategy Canvas is a structured tool designed to develop a comprehensive growth strategy.

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RevelX Innovation Strategy Playbook

This playbook will explore the Innovation Strategy Canvas by diving into the 6 building blocks on how to create a good innovation strategy.

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CEO Innovation Guide

Everything you need to know as a leader of your organization about Innovation Management.

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Customer Cases

Designing a Winning Innovation Strategy

The client is a leading expert in construction equipment and infrastructure projects. In co-creation with the client, RevelX delivered a refined innovation strategy. Together we set ambitious goals and created a realistic and executable innovation portfolio for new projects.

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Growth Strategy Development and Implementation

SPGPrints has a strong position as a market-leading organization in the textile printing industry. As innovators of the rotary printing press, SPGPrints has a legacy to uphold. RevelX and SPGPrints partnered up to develop and implement a winning growth strategy.

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International Growth Strategy

In co-creation with Vanderlande’s international management team, we redefined its strategy aimed at realizing the organization’s ambitious growth objectives. The implementation plan was among others focused on making the organization fit for growth. Within two years, the company realized its objective of nearly 100% growth.

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Future proof growth strategy

The board of directors at Accell Group and RevelX partnered to develop an inspiring vision and strategy that aims to develop Accell Group into a more focused consumer-centric organization in the bike industry and to accelerate growth in the global bicycle industry.

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