Building your innovation muscle

To drive value from your innovation efforts and to be a winning element in your organization’s growth mix, a clear operating model is a requirement. Cut through the noise of innovation theatre and build an innovation infrastructure that works.

Generate a positive return on innovation

For any key function in the organization, an operating model is in place. There are clear processes, governance, and management principles in the organization for all core business processes. For finance, sales, marketing, human resources, operations, etc. the way of working is clear.

Innovation must be a core business process for any organization serious about driving sustainable growth. Yet, few organizations have an innovation operating model for the innovation function in place. No wonder over 90% of all innovation efforts fail.

Organizations that have designed and implemented a clear innovation operating model have proven to be more successful in realizing innovative growth. RevelX supports organizations in designing winning innovation processes, innovation principles, governance, funding principles, and management metrics to turn innovation efforts into innovation results.

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RevelX Innovation Target Operating Model

RevelX’ organizational blueprint for innovation is captured in our Innovation Target Operating Model. This model can be seen as the business model canvas for innovation. It helps organizations describe their innovation strategy, innovation offering, roles and responsibilities, process, metrics, funding, and governance.

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Building strategies

Innovation Operating Model

RevelX offers an Innovation Target Operating Model (iTOM), akin to a business model canvas, to streamline innovation within organizations. iTOM encompasses strategy, offerings, roles, processes, metrics, governance, and funding guidance for innovation initiatives. RevelX's innovation experts tailor iTOM to your organization, providing implementation strategy and guidance throughout the process.
At RevelX, we have developed a comprehensive Growth Strategy Framework which covers every facet of your growth journey. From identifying market opportunities to setting ambitious growth goals, defining robust growth engines, and ensuring readiness for execution. Our strategic growth methodology is the blueprint for scalable success. RevelX’ Growth Strategy Canvas is a strategic planning tool which helps you build a strong growth strategy. From analysis to execution. We have you covered.

Innovation Growth Lab

The Innovation Growth Lab serves as a dedicated catalyst for pioneering ideas, offering a space to pursue innovation initiatives beyond routine business operations. Collaborating with clients, we construct bespoke growth labs, drawing from best practices while customizing them to match the organization's unique needs and circumstances. This approach ensures a tailored experience that effectively addresses the business's challenges and opportunities.

Our expert approach ensures your innovation strategy is neither too sparse nor overly complex. Sidestep the pitfalls of innovation strategy development and propel your business forward. Discover more and elevate your strategic planning by downloading our exclusive Innovation Strategy Playbook and related Canvas today.

Innovation Growth Board

The Innovation Growth Board comprises senior executives tasked with reviewing, discussing, and endorsing new initiatives within an organization, guiding them through the innovation funnel. This governance structure facilitates intentional decisions based on evidence presented by innovation teams, driving progress without acting as an innovation tribunal. RevelX innovation professionals aid in designing and implementing Growth Boards, offering coaching to ensure effective performance of team members both in person and remotely.

Innovation Management Software

Every core process in the organization needs IT systems to make them effective. Operations has ERP systems. The commercial function of the organization has CRM systems in place. The innovation function needs a similar approach to software driven workflow management. RevelX has partnered up with Qmarkets - the industry-leading provider of innovation management software - to achieve this goal with its clients. Qmarkets’ software empowers you to leverage the full potential of your innovation ecosystem and create a self-sustaining growth engine for your enterprise.

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RevelX Growth Warehouse

We democratize the practice of realizing growth through innovation by offering access to a wealth of assessments, playbooks, tools, and insights. Dive into our toolbox to kickstart your innovation journey.

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Innovation Growth Lab Playbook

In partnership between RevelX and Qmarkets, recognized leaders in the field of professionalizing innovation and elevating innovation performance.

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RevelX Innovation Playbook

Dive into the methods, tools, canvases, and key concepts any innovator needs to succeed. A ‘must read’ to demystify innovation and its challenges.

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Innovation Portfolio Management Playbook

Succeed in designing your innovation portfolio, managing your funnel, reporting on your innovation portfolio, and making stage-gate decisions.

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Customer Cases

KLM BlueLabs

KLM BlueLabs is the technology innovation center of KLM Airlines. Together with the core team of KLM BlueLabs, RevelX has designed the new department, its core processes, and roles and responsibilities.

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Dutch Police Force

For the Dutch police force (division of the south of The Netherlands) we defined the concept of ‘innovation’ for the service and designed and developed the innovation process and governance model.

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Louwman Group

Louwman Group is a leading car importer and provider of mobility services in The Netherlands. Together with the group’s innovation team, we designed the innovation operating model and strategy for the organization.

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