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AI is People Business

Empowering your organization with AI

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Hands typing on a laptop keyboard with colorful digital lines and binary code emerging from the screen, symbolizing the integration of AI in the innovation process.

Making Sense of AI in the Innovation Process

We explore AI's role in corporate innovation, from creativity to decisions, at every stage.

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View of Earth from space with overlaid network connections and glowing nodes, symbolizing global connectivity and corporate venturing

Successful Innovation with Corporate Venturing

Get out of the building for innovative growth! Learn why and how to excel in corporate venturing.

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Close-up of chess pieces with a focus on the king, symbolizing strategy and planning

Defining Your Innovation Strategy

Learn to utilize the new RevelX Playbook to create or improve your company's innovation strategy.

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Upward view of modern glass skyscrapers reflecting the sky, symbolizing corporate innovation and advancement

The Corporate Innovation Playbook

Learn how to use the Corporate Innovation Playbook to jumpstart your journey, achieve results, and overcome challenges.

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City skyline at dusk with overlaid digital network connections and data points, symbolizing innovation and connectivity.

How to Become a Best-in-Class Innovator?

RevelX's Innovation Readiness Benchmark includes 35 best practices. Learn how become a top innovator.

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Two SUVs involved in a head-on collision on a road

Are You Ready to Disrupt?

Learn to spot industry disruption signals and discover top response tactics.

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Multiple hands holding and connecting colorful interlocking gears, symbolizing teamwork and collaboration

Creating a Culture of Innovation

Innovation culture and leadership are key differentiators between strong and weak innovators.

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Arrangement of black chess pawns forming an upward-pointing arrow with a single golden pawn at the center, symbolizing leadership and direction.

Embedding Innovation in Your Organization

Top innovators balance structure and freedom, embedding innovation in their organization.

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Webinar speakers

Eric de Groot

Partner, RevelX

Co-author of DARE. Start-up mentor. > 25 years of experience consulting C-level on business model transformation.

Matthijs Rosman

Partner, RevelX

Key note speaker on disruption. Co-author of DARE. Start-up mentor and board room consultant on innovation.

Marc Douma

Partner, RevelX

Innovation Readiness Benchmark architect. > 25 years of experience in strategy and innovation. PhD in strategic management.

René Jongen

Partner, RevelX

Specialist in top-line growth with > 25 years of experience in marketing and sales; supported over a Billion € in top-line growth.