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Create a Culture of Innovation

Download new ‘software’ into your organization

Too often, companies get stuck in discussing innovation strategy and processes. While ignoring the fact their innovation culture is the root cause of their lack of innovation.

Culture is a big driver for innovation, but it is probably also the hardest thing to change.

This webinar will be presented in English.


Eric de Groot

Partner, RevelX

Co-author of DARE. Start-up mentor. > 25 years of experience consulting C-level on business model transformation.

Matthijs Rosman

Partner, RevelX

Key note speaker on disruption. Co-author of DARE. Start-up mentor and board room consultant on innovation.

Marc Douma

Partner, RevelX

Architect of the Innovation Readiness Benchmark. > 25 years of experience in strategy and innovation. PhD in strategic management.

René Jongen

Partner, RevelX

Specialist in top-line growth. > 25 years of experience in marketing and sales, both B2B and B2C. Has supported over a Billion € in top-line growth for his clients. Builds on behavioral psychology and neuro-marketing insights.