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Discover How Technological Innovation Takes Flight: A RevelX & KLM Case Study

Join us on a journey with KLM BlueLabs, one of the world's oldest and most renowned airlines, as they embark on a transformative innovation venture with RevelX. Discover how the new BlueLabs division, dedicated to integrating cutting-edge technology into KLM's operations, revolutionized the airline’s approach to technology adoption and corporate venturing.

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klm plane
lab technicians


Empowering Abbott’s leadership and igniting new growth engines with the RevelX’ Innovation capability building……

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interior of louwman museum

Louwman Group

Development of an innovation strategy for Louwman Group to provide more direction and execution power within the…

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dutch police in formation


Designing a harmonized innovation process as best practice for the Dutch Police force

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warehouse interior


Development of a growth strategy that responds to the short- and long-term growth challenges and enables profitable…

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Sharpening Orffa’s innovation protocol through the use of RevelX's innovation best practices

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electrician working


Developing a future proof strategic business pillar. Running the RevelX ideation approach to identify new businesses.

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Remeha | BDR Thermea Group

Delivering a robust market outlook for the heat pumps industry. Serving as the foundation for a multi-year strategic…

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woman adjusting thermostat


Implementing the Growth Accelerators approach to execute on innovation

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Sport Innovator – NOC*NSF

RevelX and SportInnovator adopted the Social Profit Model, developed by TIAS Business School and Whise (consultancy…

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Commercial plan for Cannock EDS Holding companies

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Proton Ventures

Design and implementation of sales operating model for green Hydrogen and Ammonia engineering scale up

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woman standing next to cart

Scan Modul

After a period of focus on operational excellence, it was time for the next phase of growth by improving commercial…

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How this leader in heavy machinery improved their innovation performance

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people working on a printer


Developing and implementing a growth strategy for the leading textile and graphics printing company SPGPrints

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Setting up a new corporate technology innovation venturing organization called BlueLabs

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woman watching television

TP Vision

Creating a competitive advantage in an extremely competitive marketplace

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woman and child using kiosk


Increasing the leadership role through continuous improvements in healthcare innovations

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PowerQ Energy Resultants

Executing a sales acceleration program to improve PowerQ's commercial capabilities within the highly dynamic energy and…

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man working with scaffolding

GB Steel Group

Getting to the next level of strategic management in the traditional steel construction sector

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people checking inventory

CEVA Logistics

Improving the value proposition and customer journey at CEVA Logistics

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woman in convenience store

Convenience Food Producer

A convenience food producer was experiencing difficulties in one of its marketing and distribution channels. The…

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close up shot of servers

Technical Trading Inc.

Technical Trading Inc realised its added value as a pure trading company was under pressure. We have helped them…

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industrial machines

Imbema Cleton/ Rhiwa

RevelX helped Imbema Cleton and Imbema Rhiwa with growing their current business. In several sprints we created…

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trailer truck

TVM Verzekeringen

TVM asked RevelX with defining their digital strategy and their digital roadmap 2018-2020. RevelX also helped in the…

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close up shot of gears

Technical Trading Company [confidential]

By using traditional-hypothesis-driven and machine-learning data analysis techniques, we identified a large variety of…

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construction site

Imbema Asset Solutions

For Imbema opportunities rise for new business models, additional services and new ways of connecting with the client.…

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close up shot of bike

Accell North America / Beeline Bikes Inc.

ANA and RevelX engaged to assess a future proof distribution strategy for ANA. Part of the strategy consisted of…

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people looking out window

Zorggroep de Laren

The potential for success of Zorggroep de Laren has been established. However, at this moment the basics needed to be…

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heavy machinery

Industrial Maintenance Service Provider [confidential]

For 3 of the 5 operating companies we conducted a Top Line Growth program. We analyzed their commercial performance and…

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window blinds


We researched the buying structure at the DIY retailers and the criteria for success of the buyers. We found out that…

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oil rig

Stork Technical Services

We supported the company’s senior commercial management in 3 ways: we guided the design of new proposal organisation,…

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delivery warehouse


The challenge of this project to realize double digit growth. We have designed, implemented and managed a new…

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people looking down in microscope

International High Tech Concern [confidential]

RevelX supported a Dutch High Tech OEM in assessing the global market for Medical Isotopes. For its core business our…

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container ship

Royal IHC

We conducted a sales acceleration program consisting of 5 work streams: Improve commercial culture and behaviour.…

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sorting center


In co-creation with their international management team, we developed a new strategy aimed at realizing their ambitious…

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making a delivery


The paper postal market is shrinking. PostNL is therefore looking for new opportunities for growth. They asked RevelX…

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solar panels


In collaboration with a large number of people from TNO we defined the improvement potential. We also designed the…

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person using phone

BDR Thermea Digital

In partnership, BDR Thermea and RevelX designed a program to accelerate the development of new digital products and…

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man in factory line

BDR Thermea

In close cooperation with representatives from the BDR Thermea operating companies, RevelX designed and managed an…

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athlete running

Sport Innovator

RevelX developed a coaching program to support the professional development of the sport innovation centers. In total,…

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sound waves

Sound of Data

In a series of high impact, intense workshops the Sound of Data management team worked with a small team from RevelX to…

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exterior shot of building


In close collaboration with the senior management team we developed a new growth strategy with a strong focus on…

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group cycling

Accel Group

In the first phase we have worked in close cooperation with the Board of Directors to define future market scenario’s…

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