Who are we looking for?

RevelX is a team of (former) startup founders, tech pioneers, and seasoned strategy consultants. We deliver strategic innovation and digital transformation, but we approach it the startup way: we don’t mind getting our hands dirty.

Together we have over 200 years of combined professional experience, in which we have failed over 1.000.000 times. It made us discover that failure is the most powerful source of learning and innovation. It helped us embrace the power of data and rapid experimentation. We believe it’s better to learn fast than to rely on assumptions. Do you feel the same? Join our team today!

Let’s get to know each other.

RevelX Benefits package

  • Optional workout groups with die hard colleagues who train their socks off, run marathons for fun, or conquer the Alps on their bikes
  • Free fruit delivered to the office twice a week (helps keep the doctor away)
  • Snacks, sodas and cookies, to satisfy all of your sugar cravings for those of you who have ignored the first two points (or are just looking for a healthy balance)
  • Espressos and Cappuccinos wherever and whenever you please for free (however, do treat your colleagues to one every once in a while)
  • Flexible working culture. Not an early riser? We prefer the saying ‘work hard play hard’; whatever gets the job done
  • Working from home: Dentist's appointment? 2 kids to pick up on a Friday? In need of some serious time out from your colleagues for maximum concentration?- no problem
  • BYOD have it your own way and chose your own favorite tech, although we prefer the fruity kind
  • Lots of Team Events/Socials to ensure you won’t get bored. And a yearly multi day off-site to some strange place in Europe. What happens there … well, you catch our drift
  • Want to live far away from the office? Hard to believe, but hey we offer free NS Business Cards
  • Unfortunately, we’re not getting any younger, but fortunately we offer a Pension Contribution scheme.