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Be inspired by the thought leader on disruption​ and innovation and author of the best-selling Innovation book "DARE"

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Leading change starts with awareness and inspiration​

  • Learn what disruption means to your company, team, and industry​
  • Understand the sense of urgency to become an innovative organisation​
  • Learn what disruption is, what the leading indicators are, and how to respond to disruption​
  • Wake up the team and engage them in a collaborative approach to transform the company into a disruptor​


Matthijs Rosman

Matthijs Rosman is a seasoned corporate innovation specialist. He is a partner at RevelX, a Dutch growth consultancy firm specializing in business model innovation and digital transformation. Matthijs is a sought-after speaker and advisor in the fields of disruption, business model innovation, digital marketing transformation. In addition, he is an experienced startup and scale up mentor for tech startups and corporate ventures. Matthijs holds an MBA in International Business from Maastricht University in The Netherlands. He further specialized in Strategic Marketing and Competitive Strategy at Fairfield University, Fairfield, Connecticut.

Topics: Disruption​ | Corporate Innovation​ | Driving Growth​


A thought-provoking and inspirational keynote on disruption and innovation, customized for your team, organisation, and industry​

Awareness of why you need to transform into a sustainable innovative company​

Engagement with your team to start or improve your innovation journey

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Perfect suitable for your company events, strategy sessions, or away days.​

Frequently combined with our RevelX In-company Innovation Readiness Benchmark Survey and Ideation DisruptR Workshop​

opi ceo

Steve Hilleard​
CEO Office Products International​

“At our annual European Forum and also our Global VIP Meeting, Matthijs Rosman of RevelX delivered a suburb thought-provoking keynote on disruption. The feedback from our members and customers was overwhelmingly positive and the sessions were rated the highest during the two events. The shared content is both inspiring as well as actionable. He definitely moved the needle.”

Ronald van het Hof
Managing Director at Woman on Wings

“For 15 CEOs (our business partners in India), Matthijs Rosman of RevelX has delivered a mind-changing online session on the key principles behind successful innovation. Very much needed in a time highly affected by COVID-19, creating a new sense of positivity that a crisis can also be turned into something good. The feedback from our partners was extremely positive and many requested a follow up session. We selected a group of CEOs who are highly motivated and inspired to take their companies to a next level with Matthijs’ support.”

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