Welcome to the world of Growth Labs, where organizations harness the power of collaboration, crowd intelligence, experimentation and design to drive innovations forward.

What is a growth Lab and why should you have one?

Let us explain in more detail what we mean with a Growth Lab. In simple terms, a growth lab is:

  • A specific delivery model to realize your innovation initiatives.
  • An inspirational physical (or virtual) place in your organization, in which to collaborate, ideate, and get your hands dirty.
  • A place to explore, discover, validate, and build innovation opportunities for specific business needs and compelling use cases.
  • An opportunity to experiment with internal innovation teams and carefully selected external partners.
  • A strategic innovation hotbed that drives strategic growth initiatives, from cost reduction, new product development to enhancing user experience and business model transformation
  • A formal collaboration space governed by an explicit contract between the innovation team and the business and guided by a supportive Growth Board
  • A long-term, mandated commitment to innovation which safeguards sustainability and sufficiency of resources, including skilled staffing, adequate budget, and cutting-edge tools.

A Growth Lab is instrumental in the ideation and validation stages of your innovation process. It is a safe haven for innovators and allows innovations to be validated outside of the constraints of the business.

We already explained having a Growth Lab fast tracks your business’ growth. Here are the key considerations around creating a Growth Lab for your organization.

  • Create a dedicated and secure space for experimentation, free from the constraints of corporate rules, regulations, controls, and procedures.
  • Foster a distinct working environment that sets the Growth Lab apart from the rest of the organization, encouraging fresh perspectives and innovative thinking.
  • Cultivate a unique culture and mindset within the Growth Lab, promoting creativity, risk-taking, and a pioneering spirit

  • Embrace a multidisciplinary approach by assembling specialized teams within the Growth Lab, harnessing diverse expertise and perspectives for collaborative problem-solving.
  • Empower employees to develop their skills as corporate innovators, providing opportunities for growth and learning within the dynamic environment of the Growth Lab
  • Establish a powerful catalyst for driving change throughout your organization, utilizing the Growth Lab as a lever to introduce and implement transformative initiatives.

Download the Growth Lab Playbook

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The Growth Lab Playbook

Create purpose-built environments which serve as catalysts for groundbreaking ideas.


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