The MVP Feature Canvas is a visual chart that describes your Minimum Viable Product elements – the vision, outcome, business hypothesis, metrics, features, personas, journeys, and costs. Discover your minimum viable product in order to keep the product development cycle lean and agile.

By following the MVP Feature Canvas’ user-centred principle, you can conceptualize features, needs, and requirements that allows you to design products that will improve and simplify customers’ lives.

Before You start with the MVP Feature Canvas

Before starting with the MVP Feature Canvas, you can do some preparations. First, explore your business thoroughly and develop a hypothesis to test. Next, try to answer the following questions:

  1. What is the minimum that would make a poor product or service?
  2. What would you consider an advanced and viable yet difficult-to-make product?
  3. What product or service is both easy to create and attractive to customers?

3 Advantages of using the MVP Feature Canvas

1. This will help you understand if you are really moving forward and reaching desired results or learning

2. It assists entrepreneurs in aligning their ideas with the minimum & viable work needed to create and validate it

3. Your product development cycle and iteration becomes lean and agile, saving on costs, time and resources

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