“At Abbott we have democratized Diabetic Care and RevelX had democratized Innovation.”

Ole Christiansen

Regional Director

Abbott is a $45Bn health care company, focusing on diagnostics, medical devices, nutrition and branded generic pharmaceuticals. With over 160,000 people Abbott operates in 160 countries in the world. One of its divisions is Diabetic Care.

Abbott is on a mission of unlocking good health, to enable people to move forward in control of their lives, and to empower people to realize their full potential. Abbott Diabetes Care is involved in glucose monitoring for Diabetes. With their latest product Freestyle Libre they have revolutionized diabetic care. The CEO’s ambition is to double revenue of the Diabetic Care division to USD 10B. This calls for new innovative growth engines, the ‘’must wins’, and accordingly a new way of working.

The client got inspired by our innovation playbooks and our latest book called DARE on creating the right mind set and way of working to realize innovative growth. We launched an initial program for the (senior) leadership to develop their innovation competences and ignite the new growth engines. This was followed by providing ongoing coaching to the various regional project teams focused on their growth ambitions.

In a relatively short timeframe RevelX managed to onboard the top 40+ leadership team on the direction of innovative growth and a new way of working for the organization to reach their growth objectives. By embracing the blended approach of innovative working, leaderships secured its starting position to further execute in regional innovation teams.