Embarking on a journey towards growth starts with having a solid strategic foundation.

It seems so obvious.

Yet many of our clients are struggling with questions such as:

  • How can we restore or speed up our growth?
  • What growth opportunities do we have, what enablers do we need?
  • What should our growth strategy be?
  • How to get our board, management and organization aligned with our growth strategy?
  • How do we manage and execute our growth strategy?

Recognize some of these questions?

Now, imagine everyone in your company having a clear and aligned view on disruptive forces in your markets, on future customer needs, your competitive landscape, and market growth potential.

Imagine all your managers and co-workers being totally in sync on your growth ambition, goals, strategy and execution plans. And on top of that, seeing your plans being executed and generating results at the speed of light!

Sounds good? Read on.

Our service to help you build and execute your growth strategy is based on 4 pillars.

Growth opportunities and growth readiness

The start of any growth path is to defy the existing myths and beliefs, find growth opportunities and be aware of your organisations readiness to act up on them.

Growth ambition and goals

An inspiring ambition translated into practical goals is needed for both the more visionary as well as the more practical stakeholders in and outside your organisation.

Growth strategy

The growth strategy defines the engines that you will build your growth upon, such as new market segments, new propositions, new channels to markets, acquisitions.

Growth enablers are the internal aspects of your organisation which will enable growth, such as competences, systems and processes.

Growth execution

In the execution growth engines and enablers will be translated into action and change management plans and program management. Both rational and emotional change drivers will be leveraged to ensure total commitment from the whole organisation towards executing the growth strategy and realising its ambition and goals.

Portfolio of Services

Growth strategy design and execution

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RevelX service:
Strategy review

What is it:
An assessment on the results of your actual strategy and clear insights on root causes of achieved results (or the lack thereof)

RevelX service:
Growth strategy development

What is it:
A clear and committed roadmap towards growth, based on hard data and visionary growth ambition

RevelX service:
Rapid growth strategy design

What is it:
Growth strategy development in a high paced sprint-like setting

RevelX service:
Business model design

What is it:
The complete and fundamental (re)design your business model, from customers to suppliers including operational activities and financial model

RevelX service:
Growth strategy execution and program management

What is it:
Discipline and enthusiasm, progress and change management to safeguard implementation of your strategy towards actual results

Rapid Growth Strategy Development

During the recent Covid crises we developed a robust new way of strategy development, fast paced and completely digital. One of our valued customers – Rob Looye, CEO at Nedelko – explains how we worked together to draft a rapid growth strategy for one of his brands, Prolumia.

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The Growth Strategy Canvas

A Growth Strategy Canvas is used to create a growth roadmap. This is a document in which you delineate your strategy for growth in a well-organized way, taking into account your goals over time. There is not one specific form of a growth roadmap.


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