Why Lean Startup Doesn’t Always Work in Corporates as it Does in Startups

Over the last few years, Lean Startup has been gaining strong momentum in large corporates. Applying Lean Startup in a corporate setting is very different to a startup for two…

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How to disrupt a traditional industry in 5 steps

Traditional industries (typically conservative, high-entry barriers, digitally underdeveloped, asset heavy) are the industries who have the largest potential for disruption and…

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The Secret of MVP Thinking

Building a minimum viable product is not so much about technical ability, but more about a different way of looking at things. Let's grow your MVP mindset!

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How To Work As a Lean Startup in a Big(ger) Organization

The Lean Startup approach can give big corporations a new impetus.

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If You Want To Boost Organizational Growth—Do This!

If you want your organization to grow, you should get started with innovative projects. I will describe 4 steps that you can follow.

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Google Is Mobile-First – And You?

Google's main index is now "mobile-first." What does this mean exactly? And how does this impact your business?

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8 Inspiring Examples of a Minimum Viable Product

How Amazon, Google and BDRThermea used MVPs to innovate.

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Canvas Toolkits that You Can Use Today

RevelX uses canvasses that are specifically tailored to companies that want to grow. You can download them here.

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What Is the Platform Economy (and Why You Should Care)?

"Digital matchmakers" such as Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber are transforming markets everywhere. What does the platform economy mean for your business?

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What Is a Growth Mindset (And Why Should You Know About It)?

“Growth mindset” is a concept from the field of education coined by the American psychologist Doctor Carol Dweck. You can, however, use this method in your professional life,……

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