Jeroen van der Vlugt on Why Sports Innovation Is Important

"Sports innovation never stops, that is the beauty of it."

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Partner Vision: Marc Douma on Innovation

"This is why I love my job so much: Challenging the status quo and finding ways to become more innovative."

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Partner Vision: Matthijs Rosman on Disruption

“You don’t have to have the most advanced technology or the best prices, as long as you better understand what the customer needs.”

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Partner Vision: René Jongen on Neuromarketing

"It is fascinating to see how some people already perform an intuitive form of neuromarketing."

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Partner Vision: Noud van Alem on Growth Hacking

"In San Francisco, we have discovered what I call the ‘Wizard of Oz’ method."

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Checklist: 3 things to cover privacy issues when using website conversion pixels

Setting up conversion pixels are useful to track your customers behavior. But have you thought about everything? Here are 3 things we urge you to do to cover privacy issues when…

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Partner Vision: Eric de Groot on Customer-centricity

“If I have a couple of CEOs in the room, I always do a test. I ask them: How much of your time do you actually spend with customers? If below the 40%, you should be worried!"

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Why Lean Startup Doesn’t Always Work in Corporates as it Does in Startups

Over the last few years, Lean Startup has been gaining strong momentum in large corporates. Applying Lean Startup in a corporate setting is very different to a startup for two…

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5 Essential steps to disrupt a traditional industry

Traditional industries (typically conservative, high-entry barriers, digitally underdeveloped, asset heavy) are the industries who have the largest potential for disruption and…

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Steal like Apple: 4 Perspectives on Innovation via Idea Theft

How did Apple manage to continue innovating consistently for over 3 decades? One thing’s for sure: it had everything to do with idea theft. Steve Jobs famously said, “great…

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