What Is a Growth Mindset (And Why Should You Know About It)?

“Growth mindset” is a concept from the field of education coined by the American psychologist Doctor Carol Dweck. You can, however, use this method in your professional life,……

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MVP Toolkit: 5 Steps to Build Your Own MVP

Minimum viable products are an amazing way to accomplish growth. Here are 5 steps to build your own MVP.

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Jeroen van der Vlugt on Why Sports Innovation Is Important

"Sports innovation never stops, that is the beauty of it."

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The Growth Hack Mindset: 4 Basic Steps

If you begin with growth hacking, you will need the support of your co-workers. 4 steps to adopt a growth mindset in your organization.

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Before You Start Growth Hacking…Fix the Plumbing!

Before you start growth hacking, there are a number of basic requirements that your business website has to meet.

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3 Ways that will Change the Way We Pay

The latest developments in payment convenience and security promise a bright future. Where do you step in?

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How “Minority Report” Predicted the Internet of Everything

Today, individuals, devices, and systems are increasingly connected through the internet. What happens if this so-called "Internet of Everything" further expands? Let's look into…

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Partner Vision: Marc Douma on Innovation

"This is why I love my job so much: Challenging the status quo and finding ways to become more innovative."

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