RevelX recently published the hugely successful Corporate Innovation Playbook. It is the most comprehensive innovation playbook available in the market and was created to help you succeed as a corporate innovator.

We are now taking things a step further and help you successfully apply the playbook learnings to your organization with 4 brand-new RevelX Innovation Webinars.

In this third webinar we will cover the topic of VALIDATION. By the way, these webinars are part of a bigger whole, but are equally useful and valuable as stand-alone issues.

The main objective in the validation phase is to find data points to support or invalidate your won assumptions. If in this stage, you allow gut feel to take over, you risk spending money on the wrong initiatives. This makes innovation a risky and potentially expensive endeavor.

In this webinar, you will learn:

Why validation is an important step in the innovation process

How to assess the true potential of new ideas

How to avoid unjustified investments in bad ideas or hobby horses

Proven methods, frameworks and tools to guide your validation process


René Jongen

Partner, RevelX

Specialist in top line growth. More than 25 years of experience in marketing and sales, both B2B and B2C. Has supported over a Billion € in top line growth for his clients. Uses quantitative methods from his background as applied physicist and engineer. Builds on behavioral psychology and neuro-marketing insights.

Marc Douma

Partner, RevelX

Specialist in strategy development, innovation management and strategic alliances.

All-round perfectionist. Confronts stakeholders with razor-sharp analysis. Develops solutions that work and creates the necessary support. Is at home within complex stakeholder environments. Direct, committed and always with a sense of humor.

Previously, partner at Boer & Croon. Prior to that, Operations manager at Nuon and Senior Consultant at PwC. Holds a PhD on strategic alliances. Contributed to strategic programs at Ardagh, Vitens, Gasunie, Alliander, TNO, BDR Thermea and others.

Trusted advisor for executive boards and management teams during complex strategic transitions.