7 Business Revenue Models That Will Inspire You

A smart revenue model is the core of present-day, successful businesses.

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What Is Uberization? (And How To Survive It)

New, lean, market players do business differently. In this fashion, they can "steal" legacy companies' clients. 5 defensive measures against "Uberization."

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What Is Reviewification, and Why Is It Changing Consumer Behavior?

Customer reviews are all around us and therefore have a huge impact on consumer decisions. It will affect your business too.

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How 3 Businesses Thrived by Applying Lean Startup

Lean Startup really works. Meet these successful organizations that deployed the methodology.

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What Is Agile? 4 Steps to Embrace this Method

The Agile way of working offers many advantages. 4 steps to embrace this mindset.

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You Want to Create a Partnership or Joint Venture? Read This Checklist First!

For a big corporation, a partnership with a startup can be very beneficial, but there are some issues you have to deal with.

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So You Want to Buy a Startup? Don’t %$@#! it Up!

When acquiring a startup business, there are some pitfalls that you should avoid at all cost.

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How To Build a Growth Roadmap; a Step-by-step Approach

At RevelX, we believe in the advantages that growth roadmaps bring. This step-by-step approach will help you to build your own road to success.

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How Your Business Benefits From a Growth Roadmap

A growth roadmap is a document in which you delineate your strategy for growth in a well-organized way. It really works, as is proven by the case study of Stork.

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An Innovation Journey as the Key to Success

The Innovation Journey is RevelX's unique approach to innovation. It really works, as two inspiring case studies can testify.

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