CEO Talks: Technology Innovation Theatre

CEO Talks on Innovation: An interview with a Board member of a leading international telecom company.

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CEO Talks: Facility Services Company

CEO Talks on Innovation: An interview with the CEO of a family-owned company that focuses on facility services.

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CEO Talks: Security Technology Company

Over the last year, RevelX Partner Eric interviewed many CEO’s of various international companies. The results are short corporate stories. Honest and insightful.

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3 Winning models for Innovation Brainstorms. Part 2: Four Lenses of Innovation

This post is the second of three that introduces 3 winning models for innovation, when and how to use them. In this post we explore the Four Lenses model for innovation and…

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How to define your North Star and why does it matter?

A BHAG is meant to be inspiring and provide direction. In recent years BHAG’s have gotten new names such as North Star.

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The customer of tomorrow is already here

In order to create something new for your (potential) customers you need to have some idea who that customer is.

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What the @#$% is happening around us?

The title of this blog is somewhat presumptuous. Especially now the whole world is on fire. How much can we really see in the future.

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Check yourself: Do I know what I don’t know?

The world is changing at a fast pace. How can you brace yourself for uncertainty? The bad news of our time is that there is an alarming increase in the number of things we know…

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The three stages of growth: Initiate – Create – Scale

When we took a closer look at the process of growth within organizations, we were struck by the analogy with the evolutionary process in nature.

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Leonardo da Vinci – the quintessential growth entrepreneur

Leonardo da Vinci blended intense observation skills with theory, experimentation and multidisciplinary use of geometry, art, biology, anatomy, physics, mathematics, optics and…

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