The RevelX Innovation Playbook: The Validation Challenge

The main objective in the validation phase is to find data points to support or invalidate your own assumptions.

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The RevelX Innovation Playbook: Challenges and Fundamental Innovation Methods

Becoming a best-in-class innovator requires mastering 3 main challenges. We recognize a structured innovation process that covers these 3 challenges.

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How to Design Winning Business Models in a Digital World

The five main take-aways to become a successful innovator.

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Your Innovation Strategy Should Be a Mindset

In order to arrive at a proper innovation strategy, you have to meet a couple of requirements, but the most important thing is to have the right mindset.

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Be a Leader and Make Innovation Possible

One of the reasons IKEA is so successful is its great innovation culture and leadership. There is a lot you can learn from this multinational furniture retailer.

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So You Want to Innovate? Here are 8 Drivers for Success!

What makes the difference between disruptors and the ones being disrupted? The performance in 8 key areas that characterize best-in-class innovators!

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How to Deal with the Industrial Internet of Things (and Why You Should)

The adoption of IoT in industry is just at its beginning stage. 3 inspiring case studies, and what you can learn from them.

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Who is Afraid of the Singularity?

When the supercomputer comes online, it considers mankind the biggest threat and goes about launching an attack. Or will the future be a little bit more positive?

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