If you really want to reach growth make sure you have a clear strategy.

Start to think about who you’re doing it for and find what drives your persona’s.

Lean Analytics Roadmap

Define what features you should add, identify when to add those features.

How does your customer behave? Use the Customer Journey to define your company’s opportunities.

Growth Experiment

Define the goals of your experiments and how they fit in the marketing funnel.

MVP Feature Canvas

Building an MVP is great way to validate your product idea.

Business Model Canvas

Classic. Define how your business is going to thrive.

Make sure you create a product people actually want.

Experiment Design

The best way to test an idea is to set up an experiment. Keep it simple.

Ideation Canvas

After defining all your experiment ideas use this canvas to prioritize and start experimenting.

Idea Card

Giving direction to your idea makes it easier to work with.

Innovation Strategy

Define your innovation strategy, from market opportunities all the way to implementation actions.