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Making Sense of AI in the Innovation Process

Today’s landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a futuristic vision. In this webinar, we will revisit the innovation process and redefine the way businesses contextualize, ideate, validate, and scale their ideas with the use of AI.

Successful Innovation with Corporate Venturing

Today, many organizations still rely heavily on their own innovation capabilities. Instead, they must get out of the building to become more successful in innovative growth. Learn why it is crucial and how to become successful in corporate venturing.

How to Become a Best-in-Class Innovator?

To become a best-in-class innovator you first need to understand your current innovation power and your key improvement areas. This is the first step in order to stay relevant to your customers, stay ahead of your competitors and defend yourself against disruptive forces.

Are You Ready to Disrupt?

We are facing more and stronger disruption than we have seen over the past 50 years. Our ability to adapt is being tested, and it’s not difficult to find ourselves exposed to some fundamental existential issues.

Understanding how disruption works and how to brace against it is one of your organization’s most crucial assets.

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Create a Culture of Innovation

Download new ‘software’ into your organization.

In an innovative culture, creative thinking is stimulated, smart failures are celebrated, and people are empowered to initiate and execute innovation. Furthermore, business leaders are committed to innovation, personally involved, and reward innovation.

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Embedding Innovation in Your Organization

Best-in-class innovators Organize Innovation.

Your organization needs to provide structure, well-defined responsibilities on the one hand, empowerment and the freedom to bend the rules of the game on the other hand.

Innovation Portfolio Management

Innovation Portfolio Management is all about creating the right balance in your innovation portfolio between short-term and long-term innovations, between low-risk and big-bet initiatives, between incremental and disruptive/transformation innovations, and between starting new projects and killing the non-viable ones.

Build Your Innovation Strategy & Roadmap

Learn how to design an actionable innovation strategy without lengthy, overcomplicated analysis, reports, and slide decks.


How to turn on the right growth engines?

Once you have established the Problem-Solution fit, Product-Market fit and the Business Model fit, you know you have an innovation with real and significant market potential. Now it’s time to start scaling and invest in generating large volumes of business: scaling up.


How to avoid unjustified investments in bad ideas or hobby horses

When customer, value proposition and business model have been defined, it is time to realize that these are all ‘just’ hypotheses. They need to be tested in real life and pivoted until customers start buying. 


How spot, select and create the most promising innovation ideas?

Real life innovation success stories showcasing how the Innovation Playbook helped in the ideation process, seeking for potentially interesting innovations.

Innovation Playbook

How to obtain maximum results from the Corporate Innovation Playbook

Real life innovation success stories in which the frameworks and models from the Innovation Playbook have been crucial.


Do you DARE to grow?

Innovation is not an option; it is a license for future survival. Get key insights into the most critical component of successful innovation: mindset.


How corporates can innovate like digital start-ups!

In this webinar RevelX and Software AG teamed-up to show how large companies that deal with a complex fragmented IT landscape can innovate faster and better.


How to become a best-in-class innovator?

Know the innovation best practices companies can quickly leverage to boost resilience in a time of COVID-19 crisis, outsmarting competition during recovery.


Customer Analytics: your navigation system towards growth

Believe it or not: There is still a giant mismatch between what data says and what business does. In this webinar, Rene Jongen and Bob Rietveld reveal how to grow your business with an actionable customer data-driven playbook.


Are you ready to disrupt?!

Deep dive into the tactics disruptors use nowadays. Understanding how disruption works and how to brace against it is one of your organization’s most crucial assets. 


Eric de Groot

Partner, RevelX

Co-author of DARE. Start-up mentor. > 25 years of experience consulting C-level on business model transformation.

Matthijs Rosman

Partner, RevelX

Key note speaker on disruption. Co-author of DARE. Start-up mentor and board room consultant on innovation.

Marc Douma

Partner, RevelX

Architect of the Innovation Readiness Benchmark. > 25 years of experience in strategy and innovation. PhD in strategic management.

René Jongen

Partner, RevelX

Specialist in top-line growth. > 25 years of experience in marketing and sales, both B2B and B2C. Has supported over a Billion € in top-line growth for his clients. Builds on behavioral psychology and neuro-marketing insights.