The RevelX Innovation Playbook: The Scale-up Challenge

Scaling an innovation requires careful consideration. “Don’t try to scale it until you nail it.” is a popular saying. Yet itholds many truths.

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The RevelX Innovation Playbook: The Ideation Challenge

The innovation process starts with the identification and assessment of the innovation opportunities. Structured and high-quality ideation is a challenge for many corporates.

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The RevelX Innovation Playbook: Corporate Innovation and Why It’s Hard

Corporate Innovation is hard. We created this playbook to help you succeed as an (corporate) innovator. Let’s grow!

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Driving growth and improving lives

‘You can do well by doing good’ is a mantra I learned during one of my first visits to India as a volunteer for Women on Wings. My connection with them grew into an enriching…

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Strategies to counter disruption or to become a disrupter yourself

We see the same things happening in the business world. Business leaders ignore the signs of disruption at first...

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Innovation Portfolio Management

Facing too many innovation projects and having difficulties killing your darlings? Here’s how to clean up your innovation portfolio and why you should.

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Early warning signals for disruption

Any industry can be disrupted. Netflix is a famous example. But if you think about it, there are so many more.

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The Great Reset: Disrupt Or Be Disrupted

We live in times of unprecedented change. In order to cope we have to master the management of uncertainty.

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