The RevelX Innovation Playbook: (Corporate) Innovation and Why It’s Hard

(Corporate) Innovation is hard. We created this playbook to help you succeed as an (corporate) innovator. Let’s grow!

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Driving growth and improving lives

‘You can do well by doing good’ is a mantra I learned during one of my first visits to India as a volunteer for Women on Wings. My connection with them grew into an enriching…

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Strategies to counter disruption or to become a disrupter yourself

We see the same things happening in the business world. Business leaders ignore the signs of disruption at first...

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Innovation Portfolio Management

Facing too many innovation projects and having difficulties killing your darlings? Here’s how to clean up your innovation portfolio and why you should.

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Early warning signals for disruption

Any industry can be disrupted. Netflix is a famous example. But if you think about it, there are so many more.

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The Great Reset: Disrupt Or Be Disrupted

We live in times of unprecedented change. In order to cope we have to master the management of uncertainty.

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Why Innovation is Crucial to Your Future Success

You don’t want the competition to take the juiciest parts of your market. You have to be proactive and see new opportunities before others do. So, innovate!

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3 Winning models for Innovation Brainstorms. Part 3: Innovation Ambition Matrix

This post is the final of three that introduces 3 winning models for innovation, when and how to use them. In this post we explore the Innovation Ambition Matrix and provide you…

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