How to Manage Your Current Innovation Portfolio

In many organizations, the biggest challenge is not defining new projects. The real challenge is setting clear priorities, choosing the right projects, and executing them…

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How Augmented Reality Improves the Shopping Experience

Augmented Reality is changing the way that brands communicate with potential customers. 4 fascinating case studies.

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How to Form and Manage an Innovation Team

Most organizations know that they have to form an innovation team, but they are a little uncertain about the practical side of things.

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Futurism: Everyone is a Tech Company Nowadays

The biggest bookstore in the world sells groceries. Financial institutions are building apps. It seems everyone is a tech company nowadays.

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3 Examples of Failed Commercial Performance (and What to Learn From Them)

The chain is no stronger than the weakest link. That's true if we are talking about commercial performance too. Following are the stories of three failed initiatives and advice on…

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Why Innovation is Crucial to Your Future Success

You don’t want the competition to take the juiciest parts of your market. You have to be proactive and see new opportunities before others do. So, innovate!

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4 Tricks to Fire-Up Creativity

At RevelX, creativity is a concept that is relevant for us every day. We will present 4 true and tested tricks to become more creative.

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10 Perspectives on Building a Culture of Innovation

The business case for stimulating employee-driven innovation in a business of any size or maturity is overwhelming. However, innovation is hard. How does one build a culture of…

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