7 Cognitive Biases and How to Use them in Marketing & Sales

Consumer behavior is shaped by the same cognitive biases that most people share. As marketers and salespeople, you should weaponize these phenomena!

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The Ultimate Business Model Canvas Toolkit

At RevelX, we use canvasses that are specifically tailored to companies that want to grow.

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9 Psychological Tricks to Influence Consumer Behavior (and Grow Your Business)

As marketers and salespeople, you should take notice of these psychological “tricks” that you can use today!

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4 Reasons Why Startups Are Great Investment Opportunities

The partnership between bigger, mature corporations and early-stage companies is beneficial for both. Startups gain capital to grow; the investing company will gain many other…

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WTF Is The Principle of Affordable Loss?

The Principle of Affordable Loss is a concept that sounds rather paradoxical. But it really works!

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Atomic Habits: How to Get a Little Better Every Day

There is much that business leaders can learn from James Clear's recent book Atomic Habits.

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The Top 7 Podcasts That Help You Grow Your Business

There are many examples of podcasts catered to managers and entrepreneurs with a growth mindset. In this article, I will list my favorites.

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6 Steps to Become a First-class Innovator

Innovation should be an integral part of your organization's culture and day-to-day operations. These 6 steps will help you to accomplish that.

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