Futurism: The Future of Farming is Urban

Urban farming is more than a hip social movement for sustainable communities; some urban farms are huge companies.

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3 Reasons Why Consumer Behavior is Changing (and What to Do About It)

This is not the time to wait patiently to be challenged by some clever newcomer. This is the time to plan ahead before the competition takes your market share and your…

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How to grow your business without the ‘Big’ in front of ‘Data’

Big Data to improve commercial performance is not only about having the actual Big Data or the systems to work with it, but also – and more critically - the curiosity to actually…

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How NASA is Getting Their Ass Kicked by SpaceX

For years NASA was the backbone of and, for many, the only real ‘space business’, especially in the west. Now, along with other companies, such as Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’ Blue…

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7 Neuromarketing Basics to ‘Hook’ New Customers

In the past, neuromarketing was limited to multinationals with huge budgets. Today, that has changed. We now understand enough about neuromarketing from previous case studies that…

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Escaping the commodity trap

The commodity trap in business is like the Bermuda triangle. Once you get near it there seems no escape possible and you’re doomed. How to escape?

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10 irrational tips for writing winning proposals

10 common misconceptions on writing proposals and 10 practical tips for writing much, much better ones. Substantial revenue growth is guaranteed!

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