Having difficulties in selling your innovations?

Here’s why companies face great difficulties in selling their innovations, what to do about it, and why you should!

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Disappointed by your innovation success rate?

Disappointed by your innovation success rate? Here’s why corporate innovation fails and what that may lead to. And oh yeah, what to do about it.

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What Is Lean Analytics, and How Do You Apply It?

Lean analytics is a great and innovative method to streamline your sales funnel. Combined with the psychological insight of Nir Eyal, success is almost guaranteed.

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What Are the 5 Key Drivers for Growth?

To build a successful organization, first make sure the fundamentals are solid. Here are 5 key drivers for every innovative company today.

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5 Growth Mindset Examples That You Can Use in Your Job Tomorrow

People who believe their success is based on hard work, learning, training, and perseverance are said to have a “growth mindset.”

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How to disrupt a traditional industry in 5 steps

Traditional industries (typically conservative, high-entry barriers, digitally underdeveloped, asset heavy) are the industries who have the largest potential for disruption and…

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Everything You Need to Know About Lean Startup

At RevelX, Lean Startup is one of the methodologies that we propagate.

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7 Cognitive Biases and How to Use them in Marketing & Sales

Consumer behavior is shaped by the same cognitive biases that most people share. As marketers and salespeople, you should weaponize these phenomena!

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The Ultimate Business Model Canvas Toolkit

At RevelX, we use canvasses that are specifically tailored to companies that want to grow.

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9 Psychological Tricks to Influence Consumer Behavior (and Grow Your Business)

As marketers and salespeople, you should take notice of these psychological “tricks” that you can use today!

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