innovation readiness benchmark

Find out how best-in-class innovators innovate, which best practices they apply, and how they brace themselves for disruption. Almost 200 companies participated in the IRB.

corporate innvation playbook

Demystifying corporate innovation and its challenges. The methods, tools, canvases and definitions any corporate innovator needs to succeed.


A consumer centric framework to ideate, design, test and validate new products and features. On steroids.



Realizing growth is one of the hardest tasks in any organization.

That’s why we started the DARE movement. Get the DARE book and learn how to grow.

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Innovation Benchmark

Measure yourself against best-in-class innovators.

Our Innovation Readiness Benchmark helps to assess your innovation power and the areas for improvement.

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Need to design a customer persona? How about a growth strategy? We got you covered.

Download these and many more free RevelX canvases to get you in the right mindset.

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