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Innovation AI Tools


Al-powered tools are becoming an integral part of the innovation ‘way of working’. Smart innovators leverage the power of Al to speed up the innovation process. As new AI tools emerge on a daily basis, it is impossible to provide an adequate overview of which tools to use in which phase of the innovation process. However, as we regularly update this list, we will provide you with our today’s assessment of innovation tools.


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CEO Innovation Guide


Innovation is hard. Especially given the amount of uncertainty we face today. It requires many efforts, and the proceeds are often discouraging. We created this guide to help you as a CEO and leader of your organization deliver on innovation.


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Innovation Portfolio Management Framework


Designing and strengthening your innovation portfolio makes a critical contribution to your overall innovation performance. Download here our Innovation Portfolio Management Framework.


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MVP Toolkit


A consumer centric framework to ideate, design, test and validate new products and features. On steroids.


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Get DARE now!

We live in times of autocatalytic change in which realizing growth is one of the hardest tasks. A growing graveyard of startups and corporate ventures is just the tip of the iceberg.

DARE is about realizing growth by innovation. It provides a human centric approach to innovation and innovators. Read DARE to get insight in the most critical component of innovation: mindset.

By reading DARE, you will benefit from over 50 years of experience in helping more than 200 organizations around the globe achieving ambitious growth goals. DARE is written from first-hand experience. DARE to grow!

Read the Introduction Chapter!

DARE will help you to

.. break down the myths and beliefs in organizations and industries
.. embrace disruption and be comfortable with the unknown
.. identify the risks and pitfalls along the path of growth
.. commit to disciplined execution of your innovation strategy

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Who will benefit from DARE?

Innovation managers

Business founders and owners

Chief executives

Digital and marketing managers

Change officers

Transformation managers


Anyone interested in innovating their industry

What people are saying:

DARE is an excellent book – a timely reminder that the only way to master the digital age is to innovate, innovate, innovate!

Rowan Gibson
bestselling author “The 4 Lenses of Innovation”

It is simply an inspiring book. A comprehensive, yet compact innovation guide for the new digital/agile era. Would love to have dozens to hand out to my teams.

Jack van Strien
former CEO Business Group Philips Personal Care

Dare to read this book and you will find a wealth of useful ideas to diagnose and innovate your own business.

Mickey Huibregtsen
senior Partner of McKinsey & Company and author of “Management Made Simple”

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How DARE is different!

Focused on Mindset Change

Too often innovation is being portrayed as following a certain number of steps from ‘proven methodologies and tools’. You can of course benefit from using those, but we believe that you can only realize true groundbreaking innovations once your team adopts a different mindset and way of working. This book will help you with this

Achieve Innovative Growth

Our professional network repeatedly asked similar questions on growth. This inspired us to write the book. The book is therefore structured around 10 key questions that equip you to answer your main questions


Based on 100s of case studies

You don’t get another scientific of guru-like book, but it’s pragmatic and practical, because it’s based on best practices, practical tools and our first-person experiences. We worked in board rooms during the past 25+ years with hundreds organizations across different industries and varying sizes

About the authors

Eric de Groot

Boardroom strategist with unparalleled creative brainpower.

Always focused on growth. Almost 30 years of international experience. Active in the manufacturing & high-tech industry, maritime & offshore, retail, media & ICT and commercial services.

Matthijs Rosman

Trusted and creative advisor. Specialist in growth acceleration and innovation.

Two decades of experience at the intersection of marketing, sales and service. Excels in digital strategy, top line growth, customer journeys, omnichannel marketing and connecting startups with established organizations.

RevelX Canvases

RevelX Canvases

Download your free canvases here! Our templates are designed to help you streamline your projects and drive innovation. If you need assistance or guidance in using these canvases, RevelX is always ready to support you. Get started now!

Innovation Opportunity Canvas

To assess the potential of your innovation opportunity.


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Innovation Strategy Canvas

Define your innovation strategy, from market opportunities all the way to implementation actions.


growth experiment canvas

Growth Experiment

Define the goals of your experiments and design your growth strategy.


idea card

Idea Card Canvas

Giving direction to your idea makes it easier to work with.


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Experiment Design Canvas

The best way to test an idea is to set up an experiment. Keep it simple.


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MVP Feature Canvas

Building an MVP is great way to validate your product idea.


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Lean Analytics Roadmap

Define what features you should add, identify when to add those features.


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Customer Journey Canvas

How does your customer behave? Use the Customer Journey to define your company's opportunities.


business model canvas

Business Model Canvas

Classic. Define how your business is going to thrive.


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Ideation Canvas

After defining all your experiment ideas use this canvas to prioritize and start experimenting.


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Value Proposition Canvas

Make sure you create a product people actually want.


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Persona Canvas

Start to think about who you’re doing it for and find what drives your persona’s.


growth strategy canvas

Growth Strategy Canvas

If you really want to reach growth make sure you have a clear strategy.