Want to Optimize the Customer Journey? Try These Tools!

The concept of the "customer journey" will help you to become more customer-centric. Amazing tips and tools to optimize each phase of the customer journey!

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How I Used a Go-To-Market Plan to Innovate Home Decoration

This is an inspiring example of a go-to-market plan that RevelX developed in collaboration with an innovative, home decoration company.

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The Ideation Rulebook

Roleplaying, brainstorming, or a mock trial – there are many forms of ideation sessions. Read on to learn everything you always wanted to know about ideation.

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Why Do Big Companies Actually Buy Startups?

It is common for big companies to buy startups. Why, actually? If they are so big, why don't they develop the new business' proposition themselves?

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How To Accelerate Your Performance Management

Performance management can be described simply as “getting the most out of your employees.” These 5 tips will accelerate your performance management.

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8 Inspiring Examples of a Minimum Viable Product

How Amazon, Google and BDRThermea used MVPs to innovate.

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Why Multi-disciplinary Growth Teams are a Necessity for Business

Best-in-class innovators recognize the power of multidisciplinary growth teams. Even the legacy companies embrace them.

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Experimentation Culture: What I Learned from the Beatles

The Beatles knew that creativity is not sufficient to innovate. You have to organize a culture of experimentation.

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